Monday, March 1, 2010

someday I know it will all turn out

Last night was way awesome. I was invited to dinner with some people in my ward. They are two really awesome, smart and funny girls. I enjoyed their company immensely. Though I will say I am slightly intimidated by them. I hope to go over again soon.

On a different note, I am constantly soo busy and I feel bad when I can't hang out with everyone that I want to. But school is hard, and work is well, demanding. I have been sick and my hours are slim so I know I am going to start hurting soon. I hate that. I want to buy a car, I just keep praying it will work out you know?
I am still sick and I hate it. I think its going away though. My right tonsil is swollen and has mucus all over it. It looks quite revolting.

I have been doing home work all morning and I told work I would be in an hour later so I could do home work and also so I could sleep a little more. I keep hoping that the more I sleep the sooner I will get better.
I have been doing more creative writing work. I have a lot in my repertoire now.
Here is one I turned in a few weeks ago.


This is the path I never wanted to take,
one I never expected to be on.
Yet I keep walking the dusty road,
over the rigid rocks and boulders,
through the sharp edged tumble weeds,
underneath the blistering summer sky.

She walks a path I would have chosen,
one that I am unable to be on.
The paved even ground underneath
carries her safely through.
While gigantic oaks shade her trail
she, smiling, carries on her way.

I envy her as she strolls along effortlessly
while I grab onto barren branches
desperately trying to brace myself before I fall.
As I look at my worn shoes and deep cuts,
my torn clothing and shaking hands,
I see the path I have tread...and how far I have come.

My teacher says that it is very prosy. I agree. i need to figure out how to fix that. It was an exercise in imagery. She says I should make it longer. Go in more depth. I just need to figure out what exactly I should do with it.

And now I am off to work.


  1. Don't be intimidated.

    We think you're pretty awesome or we wouldn't love you and want to adopt you.

    And, if you delete the punctuation you could say you were trying to mimic "e.e. cummings"

  2. Oh, shorter lines too for e.e. cummings

  3. And I am no you're very first follower. And I comment too much.