Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Social. As. I. Get.

     I Love days like today. It is sunny and I am wearing a short sleeved shirt... My spirits are high and nothing can seem to get me down. Spring break starts tomorrow and my biology class is canceled due to that. So I am in the library at UVU waiting for my "study buddy" to get here to finish our test.
     I took a career placement test today and I meet with someone next week to talk about the results. I am pleased with that. I need to figure out some type of road map for my life.
     There is a big hill on campus that is quite steep. My theatre friends and myself took to sliding down it today after class. The bottom is very close to the street and some cars would slow down or stop becuase they were afraid of running our free falling flailing bodies over.
It was awesome and when I upload the pictures, maybe I will post some on here.
     Even with all the stress that the end of the semester is closer than I realize, I am genuinely happy and have a smile on my face. I am ready for the winter to end. I am ready for a new chapter in my life and for some reason spring seems to represent a new chapter, a new life, a new beginning for me.
     I have come so far from last year at this time. I am so much more comfortable with myself and pleased with where I am and where I am going.

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