Friday, March 5, 2010

and when the timing is right, to sneak out into night

Yesterday was not a super fun day. I had school from 10am until 8:30pm.
I went to lunch with my friend who is getting married and that was wonderful. She is awesome and she lifted my spirits.
But my last class at 6 is philosophy. I got my mid term back and it was a B-. Not what I was expecting. I was disappointed. Then a bunch of other stuff occurred, and I became very depressed. I was sitting in my class holding back tears, I was so overwhelmed.
My friend in that class gave me a ride. He could tell I was upset and kept asking if I was ok. I couldn't talk about it. But it was really nice that he cared. It made me feel very loved.
I went home, sat on bed and collected myself.
I went downstairs and my roommates made me laugh, and smile so I started to feel better.
BUT what really made my night, was my dear friend came over, made me brownies and ice cream and helped me with my biology. He is the nicest guy alive. And he will probably never realize how what he did for me changed my entire night. He is awesome. I don't even think he knows. And when he meets the right girl, one worth the risk ha ha, he is going to be such a good boyfriend. I can tell. He is such a caring and awesome friend.

So, now I am off to work. I have wasted my day today. Tomorrow I will be better.

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