Sunday, June 6, 2010

you don't care

you walk away.
So willing to let this; to let me go.

reminds me of many other relationships that ended similarly...

what do I do so wrong?
I know the answer.

I always just push away till I know there is no rescue.

There is no rescue for one like me.

Love is just another four letter word...

Lets be honest with our selves...
Who could deal with me any how...
who really would want to if they had any other option?

Lets just push on. Another day.
I got this. Don't fret, don't you worry.
Im ok, I am happy.
I got this for next time right?
I know who I am... and I like who I am. I have more confidence.
Maybe that will make all the difference the next time...
the next time.... very far away from now.

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