Friday, February 26, 2010

I need to be there, some where. In your arms?

I like the days where time goes by fast at work.
I like the days where its not so hot that we are sweating but not cold enough to need a heavy jacket.
I like the days when I feel important at work, and I feel like I achieved something.
I like the days when I don't get yelled at by anyone for not letting them use a coupon or having a long line at the registers.
I like the days when my family issues don't seem to bug me at all.
I like the days when good songs play at the radio at work.
I like when my roommates are all gone and I can take a shower, listen to bob dylan and be by myself.
I like the days when I don't think of lost love.
I like the days when I am not overwhelmed with mass amounts of homework.
I like the days that I have interesting conversations with strangers on the bus.

I have to find the positive things in my days. It seems like I dwell on the bad, which is understandable... it is easier to do sometimes. But all days are good days when i focus on what went well. yeah, I know that sounds cheesy. But it works for me.

I am not a fan of love, relationships, dating. I just am not a fan.
I am very well off on my own.
Maybe someday... But definitely not now. I am too happy being alone, and enjoying my free time and alone time.
maybe I am selfish?

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  1. Who is this guy?? I need the dirt, sista!

    (PS, I know it says "Xan" but I used to be NAlton....just so you know who I am.)