Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A poem I wrote

I have to write a bunch of stuff for my final project for class...
Here is one of the things I wrote.

A Million Pieces of Me
My trembling hands
 reached forward
 as I laid my story out,
 for him to see.
But my grip slipped.
He flew away then,
Before I could even breathe.
His eyes grew into thin lines
and never looked at me
the same way again.
“We can work this out”
“Let’s start over”
“I messed up, 
I’m sorry”
I cried violently into the wind
that only carried him
 further away.
I became a million pieces
all longing for his return.
So here you are with glue, tape
and no experience,
trying to figure out 
his demolished creation
called me.

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