Sunday, August 7, 2011

I smile when I see you, I have been waiting for you.

      I am married and its been almost 2 months. I feel so blessed to have my best friend with me at all times. I am never bored. Don't be fooled, things are not always perfect. It is strange getting used to living with someone especially when that someone is male.
     I keep finding myself in awe that I am no longer apart of the dating game. I keep looking back on where I have come from and how I ended up here. I have been waiting for Eric for so long it seems while in reality it was not that long at all. i would do it all again if it meant ending up with someone so worth it.
     I keep reading all these sad little blog posts and journal entries from long ago. I knew I was looking for Eric all along but I couldn't find him. I wish I could go back and reassure myself through all those tearful nights that I would not be alone for long.
     I am so happy to be where I am. I was thinking of that today. I am starting my program in the fall and going back to my awesome job helping out in the kindergarten class. I am so happy to see where life will take me. I know so much is in store.
     I know I have never been alone, My Savior has been with me. But I will say its nice to have Eric beside me now too. I never imagined that I would end up with some one so selfless and kind. And someone I know won't let me down.

Its been a rocky path to get here but it was worth the hike. I know my trail does not end here but I am glad I get to go the rest of the way with some one.
He is all I could have ever wanted.

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